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Fam is a space for music communities to grow, collaborate and collectively fund creative projects

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Collaborate onchain

Create a community for your collective, label or fan club

Create a label

Start an onchain record label that all members can contribute to

Build a fan club

A community for your favourite artist, band or genre

Start a collective

Collaborate with likeminded people and release music together

Grow your pool

Memberships help to grow a share pool of funds owned by the community

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Collective decisions

Members propose ideas and vote on which activities to fund

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Collective culture creation

Music collectives, record labels and fan clubs have historically been the birthplace for new ideas and cultural movements

Fam provides tools for new types of online music groups to form around a common interest or goal

Fund live events and shows, create drops with built-in splits, collaborate on creative projects and lots more

How does it work?

Joining a community

The proceeds from each membership are split between the founders and a shared pool which can be used to fund projects and ideas that the community is passionate about.

Anyone who holds a membership is a co-owner of the shared pool and is able to propose and vote on how the funds are used.

Shared community pools

As more members join the community the proceeds from memberships help to grow the shared pool which can be used to fund new projects and ideas. Think of it like a shared bank account that no one person controls.

Create in multiplayer

When members propose new ideas they can add an onchain action which will trigger if the vote is successful. This allows communities to create and collaborate as a collective.

Some examples of actions communities can do are:

Mint an song, album or video with built-in splits that can flow back to the individual contributors and the community pool.Send funds to contributors to put on an IRL event, show or festival.(Coming Soon) Connect to web3 apps like Mirror, Kits, Sound and more to drop onchain content as a group or collective.